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Corporate SocialResponsibility (CSR) related activity starts with the wish or thepush to behave responsibly, and then naturally raises the questionof how to proceed. This requires a corporation to look at what thenorms and standards are and to make a suitable selection of theappropriate areas to be addressed.
For every area of CSR,there are various reporting bodies that offer support andguidelines. Once a set of guidelines has been chosen, the flow istowards measuring, acting, monitoring, andreporting.
To do this, normallyone would choose the reporting body first (i.e. CDP, GNGC, GRI -see list below).
After selecting thespecific areas to be reported on, the corporation will need toselect the tools required to measure, monitor, perhaps implementpolicy; and report results (statically or preferablydynamically).
CAMG works with the Cavell Group to address theEnergy Related aspects of CSR.
Cavell offers Energy Management Solutions for allnetwork connected devices in the Office and Data Centerenvironment. Partnering with JouleX, and fully integrated withCisco EnergyWise, Intel® Data Center Manager, Intel®Intelligent Power Node Manager and multiple other partners andhardware vendors, Cavell can implement fast and cost effectively,without the need for physical hardware agents.
Energy costs are reduced by monitoring, analysingand controlling devices in real time and executing time and eventbased policy. The manageable dashboard gives controlled visibilityand access, and the data logs can be used directly for managementand sustainability reporting or imported into currently existingreporting solutions.
Key elements in order to achieve reductions inenergy use (cost saving and also CO2 reductions) are:
Controlling the environment
Visibility and Trending
running 'what-if' scenario's
Equipment replacement policy becomes an informeddecision making process, and hardware changes and restructuringdoesn't require expensive structural changes to the monitoringsystem.
Standards and methods
(UN Global Compact, ISO26000, GHG protocol, ISO14001/14064 ,Carbon disclosure project (CDP), PAS 2050/2060,Natural Step program, CO2 prestatieladder, MVOprestatieladder)